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Eurol Brake Fluid DOT-4 1L

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Product Specs

Capacity: 1L

Ships in 2 business days
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Eurol Brake Fluid DOT-4 1L

  • DOT-4 Silicone

  • Eurol® Brake Fluid is a high performance product, especially developed for hydraulic brake systems of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mopeds, scooters, forklift trucks and motorcycles in both drum brake and disc brake systems (with and without ABS/ASR).

  • Eurol® Brake Fluid provides maximum protection against rust and offers an optimum acceptance and transfer of heat.

  • The product will not affect seals, metals or alloys. Due to the lubricity of this brake fluid, wear is reduced to a minimum. Eurol® Brake Fluid is stable and will not cause any deposits. Due to the low viscosity at low temperatures, the product guarantees excellent performance under cold climate conditions.

  • Eurol® Brake Fluid has a high 'wet boiling point' which prevents vapour lock at intensive braking. As a result, the safety and reliability of the brake system is increased substantially. However, it is very important to check and/or change brake fluids regularly. Due to the hydroscopic nature, all brake fluids will absorb moisture after some time, resulting in a lower wet boiling point and quality loss.

  • Eurol® Brake Fluid should absolutely not be applied in brake systems with a mineral based fluid (LHM, mostly green coloured) or in systems with a silicone based brake fluid (purple colour, indicated as DOT 5).

Product Specs

Capacity: 1L

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OEM Code Nee
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Universal Custom Attribute Ja
Ships In 2 business Days
Fitment Info This is a universal fit part; it may or may not fit without modification.
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This is a universal fit part; it may or may not fit without modification.

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